Saturday Series
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Reflections of a former white supremacist

Race Issues | A Christian response to the return of extremist violence in the United States
by Thomas A. Tarrants
Posted 12/07/19, 11:36 am

The ideologically provoked mass shootings earlier this year that devastated scores of lives and shocked our country remind me of an era I would rather forget. It was a time of virulent and violent racism, when homegrown terrorists committed acts of cold-blooded barbarism out of the misguided belief they were rescuing America from racial, ethnic, and social trends that were destroying the country.

I was one of them.

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Hints, tips, and history lessons

Books | Marvin Olasky’s Reforming Journalism is a book for serious students of the profession
by Russ Pulliam
Posted 11/30/19, 12:00 pm

With 25 books under his belt, Marvin Olasky could take up golf or shuffleboard.

He’s already an accomplished pioneer in the modern conservative movement. He has researched how conservatives can fight poverty better than big government liberals, giving George W. Bush an idea that helped him win a close 2000 presidential race. Olasky also has been the primary historian of the pro-life movement. And he has done unique research on the important place of Christian faith in American journalism history.

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Cherokees divided

Books | The acrimony between two 19th century tribal leaders made a disaster even more disastrous
by John Sedgwick
Posted 11/23/19, 09:56 am

The children’s version of the Cherokee Trail of Tears is black-and-white about red-and-white: Evil Andrew Jackson and other leaders railroaded noble Native Americans, except that in the absence of railroads thousands without adequate clothing or food had to walk. The reality that John Sedgwick’s Blood Moon explores in his eloquent work is far more complicated.

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