Saturday Series

A Texas trio

Essay | Ruminations on cowboy life, cattle death, and dog brains
by John R. Erickson
Posted 7/21/18, 02:57 pm

Since I turn down articles and disappoint authors every day by deciding their books haven’t made the cut for reviewing, my job helps me develop more enemies than friends. It’s delightful for an editor when a friend is also a terrific writer, so it’s a pleasure once every month to share with you the writing of John R. Erickson, who for 35 years has delighted children and adults with his Hank the Cowdog series. Here are three short essays about cowboy life, cattle death, and dog brains. —Marvin Olasky

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Sola fide wasn’t a 16th century invention

Books | Church history shows the doctrine of justification by ‘faith alone’ existed long before Martin Luther
by Nathan Busenitz
Posted 7/14/18, 10:23 am

Protestants and Catholics for five centuries have debated the Reformation doctrine of justification by faith. In Long Before Luther: Tracing the Heart of the Gospel from Christ to the Reformation, Nathan Busenitz shows that theologians such as Origen, Augustine, Anselm, and Bernard of Clairvaux, who all preceded Martin Luther, understood that we are saved by God’s grace.

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‘Jesus is gonna win!’

Books | A helpful aid in understanding the book of Revelation and its message of impending persecution of the Christian church
by Richard D. Phillips
Posted 7/07/18, 02:26 pm

The hardest-to-understand book of the New Testament is superficially familiar not only to most Bible readers but to fans of the Left Behind series (more than 65 million copies sold) as well as The Book of Revelation for Dummies: four horsemen of the apocalypse, seven seals, plagues and disasters, Antichrist, Armageddon, Christ’s return, a new Jerusalem, wow! But Richard D.

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