Saturday Series
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Weighing election fraud claims—again

Politics | MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says there’s “100 percent proof” of President Joe Biden winning large numbers of fraudulent votes. Is there really?
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 2/26/21, 02:49 pm

Election fraud has become the conspiracy that won’t go away. Joe Biden may be the president of the United States, but many Americans still doubt he won the Nov. 3 election fair and square.

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Bugs, politics, and other annoyances

Essay | Funny stories from a rancher
by John R. Erickson
Posted 2/20/21, 07:52 am

John R. Erickson, author of 70 Hank the Cowdog books and other ranch-based stories, knows his subject matter. He was a working cowboy and ranch manager in Texas and Oklahoma. Here are three essays from him as part of our Saturday Series. —Marvin Olasky

Buffalo Gnats

The coming of spring is always a joyful occasion in our country, but it also brings an invasion of insect pests. Here in the Canadian River valley of Texas, we have a variety of vermin called the buffalo gnat.

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Relearning who God is

Theology | How God’s description of himself upends our expectations
by Dane Ortlund
Posted 2/08/21, 02:18 pm

What do you think of when you think of God’s glory? It’s one of the questions Dane Ortlund poses in Gentle and Lowly—WORLD’s 2020 Book of the Year in the accessible theology category.

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