Vol. 34, No. 2
Gary Fong/Genesis
Nowhere to live

California | A housing crisis is clamping down on middle-income workers—teachers like Renata Sanchez—in prosperous California

Perilous journeys

Immigration | As Nigerian immigrants dream of better lives in Europe, aid groups work to curb illegal and risky travel

The fight for Chinese rights

Persecution | A network of lawyers in China has led a bold effort to enforce the rule of law, but Communist opposition is formidable

‘Trump of the Tropics’

South America | Critics of Brazil’s new president unfavorably compare him to Donald Trump, but Jair Bolsonaro’s win also marks a move away from socialism and shows the rise of evangelical influence

‘The love is here’

Effective Compassion | In Brooklyn, a church without much money gives addicts a rare welcome mat

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1.22.19 Working without pay, and a new transportation craze

Sarah Schweinsberg visits a food bank serving furloughed federal workers; Julie Borg explains the administration's ban on fetal tissue research; Michael Cochrane discusses new technology that could soon be in your home and driveway. Plus: a report on a transportation craze in big cities.

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A conversation with John Patitucci

This week, Warren Smith talks with jazz bass master John Patitucci.

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