Vol. 35, No. 13
Listening to the unheard

News | The news cycle is loud, but we need to hear those who can’t shout

A cultural genocide before our eyes

China | The Uighur diaspora is speaking out as family members disappear into reeducation camps in Xinjiang, but will the world listen?

Reasonable accommodation

Policy | The Americans With Disabilities Act, which turns 30 this month, steered Jim Terry toward a more accessible career

Houses of death

Coronavirus | Small Belgium has the highest COVID-19 mortality rate in the world, raising questions about restrictive protocols surrounding nursing homes

Summer sequels

News analysis | The coronavirus spiked the movie blockbuster season, but drama is playing out in real life

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7.9.20 Crackdown in Hong Kong, reading trends, and The Olasky Interview

Megan Basham talks to WORLD’s East Asia correspondent, June Cheng, about China’s latest move to crack down on freedoms in Hong Kong; Anna Johansen reports on how stay-at-home orders have changed the way people buy and read books; and Marvin Olasky interviews Amity Shlaes. Plus: commentary from Cal Thomas, slithering out of a speeding ticket, and the Thursday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate. Additional support comes from Bible Translation Fellowship. Building a network of churches that integrate Bible translation into the mission of the church. More at bibletranslationfellowship.org And from the new book from Focus on the Family, 9 Lies that Will Destroy Your Marriage. Core truths to strengthen and protect it. In bookstores and online at the Focus on the Family Store.

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A conversation with Michael Matheson Miller

This week, hear an encore presentation of Warren Smith's 2016 conversation with scholar and filmmaker Michael Matheson Miller.  

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