Vol. 34, No. 23
Illustration by Krieg Barrie
2019 Books of the Year

Books | Great books tell stories. Here’s our pick of vivid and insightful new releases for better understanding America, world events, history, science, and theology

Liberty and justice for all

Religious Liberty | Will religious liberty survive?

Grappling with evil

International | Explaining an ‘unmitigated, genocidal disaster’

Vivid memories

History | Asking probing questions, diving into details

Darwinism’s big breakdown

Science | Michael Behe says evolution degrades genes but doesn’t create them

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12.6.19 Culture Friday and The Mandalorian

Mary Reichard, Megan Basham, and John Stonestreet discuss expressions of faith on the presidential campaign trail; Megan Basham reviews The Mandalorian, and editor in chief Marvin Olasky answers your questions. Plus: Myrna Brown brings us the second of four special reports on the music of Advent. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate.

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Insightful interviews with popular musicians, Christian thought leaders, makers of movies and television, respected authors, and key political leaders.

A conversation with Tony Esolen

This week, hear Warren's Smith conversation with author, translator and One of Christendom's most original thinkers, Dr. Anthony Esolen.

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