Vol. 34, No. 8
Emilio Espejel/AP
Dangerous journeys, contentious crossings

Immigration | Migrant families desperate to flee gang violence and an administration determined to stop illegal immigration are adding up to a crisis on the border

‘Sinicizing’ religion

Persecution | A sweeping campaign against house churches in China is sending leaders to prison and forcing many faithful Christians underground

Nuclear bond

Human Rights | North Korean defectors say joining together national security negotiations and humanitarian concerns is the key to unraveling Kim Jong Un’s abusive regime

Georgia on my mind

News analysis | A Southern state’s April travails and triumphs signal a stormy start to spring

Surviving the flood

Disaster relief | In Southeast Africa, a massive cyclone strike is testing the resilience of local communities and the ability of aid groups to avert a long-term crisis

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4.25.19 Preparing for college, and becoming persuasive and persuadable

Mary Reichard talks with Nick Reaves about a Michigan case involving a religious foster care agency and LGBT couples; Leigh Jones reports on an education program helping kids prepare for college; and J.C. Derrick talks with Arthur Brooks about how to become persuasive and persuadable. Plus: a preview of Listening In and commentary from Cal Thomas. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate

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A conversation with Patti Garibay and Mark Hancock

This week, Warren Smith talks with the leaders of two fast-growing youth organizations that are providing Christian alternatives to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

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