Vol. 34, No. 11
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Not forgotten

Aging | As aging Americans increasingly grapple with dementia, churches have a growing opportunity to minister to exhausted caregivers and to comfort the forgetful

Free at last

China | The 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre finds many leaders of the protest now laboring for Christ

Heart to heart with Laci Green

Lifestyle | My coffee meeting with the millennial YouTube star, sex ed celebrity, and social justice warrior

Trading social credit

News | Pro-lifers reset the U.S. abortion debate, while Chinese Communists and the College Board punish disfavored citizens and students

Debating disaster

History | Touristy Lisbon sits on the ruins left by the earthquake that killed up to 40,000 residents and cost Portugal in 1755 half of its gross national product. But the biggest change was religious

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5.27.19 Legal Docket, and History Book

Mary Reichard explains three Supreme Court battles over religious liberty; Nick Eicher reports on the trade war with China; and Paul Butler covers important dates from this week in history. Plus: commentary from Andre Seu Peterson.

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A conversation with Mark Gregston

This week, Warren Smith talks with author and teen expert Mark Gregston.

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