Vol. 35, No. 4
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Minority opinion

Politics | Can Donald Trump gain enough black voters to make a difference in 2020?

2020 Children’s Books of the Year

Children’s Books of the Year | A TIME FOR VIGILANCE: Children need their parents not only to guard against objectionable books but to promote good ones. The titles in the following pages are books to consider

Picture books

Children’s Books of the Year | TURNING A SHACK INTO A HOME: Brightening colors help tell a story of hope amid tragedy


Children’s Books of the Year | BECOMING A GENTLEMAN: How tragedy can produce an honorable young man


Children’s Books of the Year | AGAINST THE ODDS: How God planned the steps of a girl with deformed feet

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2.19.20 Washington Wednesday and World Tour

On Washington Wednesday, Jamie Dean reports on President Trump’s small but growing appeal among some African American voters; Africa reporter Onize Ohikere reports on international news on World Tour; and Paul Butler remembers the contributions of education pioneer Betsey Stockton. Plus: commentary from Joel Belz, a taxi-driving hero, and the Wednesday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate.

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A conversation with Michael Youssef

Michael Youssef is an Atlanta-based pastor, radio teacher, and author of more than 35 books—including Jesus, Jihad, and Peace. On this episode of Listening In, host Warren Smith talks with Youssef about his latest book Saving Christianity? In it Youssef offers a biting critique of so-called "progressive Christianity" and offers a way forward for Bible-believing followers of Christ.

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