Vol. 34, No. 12
Krieg Barrie
Reading for refreshment

Books | To guide your summer getaway book selections, try this formula: E=FB²

When the fog lifts

Religion | Former cult leader and convicted murderer Jacques Robidoux says he experienced a transformation in prison, and now he wants others to avoid the crooked path he trod

A new old reality

Radicalism | As the internet fuels extremism, American Jews are increasingly becoming targets of an ancient hatred

Keeping a European peace

Europe | Europe’s rethinking of its post-war institutions raises questions about prospects for peace and a Christian witness on the continent

‘We want the truth, wherever that leads’

Terrorism | U.S. officials never adequately confirmed the death of ISIS captive Kayla Mueller, and a post-ISIS tumult in Syria raises new questions about what happened to her

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6.24.19 Legal Docket, and History Book

Mary Reichard surveys pro-life legislation across the country; Nick Eicher reports on the current state of the economy; and Paul Butler covers important dates from this week in history. Plus: commentary from Kim Henderson.

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Insightful interviews with popular musicians, Christian thought leaders, makers of movies and television, respected authors, and key political leaders.

A conversation with Mike Huckabee and Bruce Bruinsma

This week, Warren Smith talks with Bruce Bruinsma of the Retirement Reformation and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

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