Vol. 34, No. 18
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An easy ‘A’

Money | Does approval from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability offer Christians useful information about an organization’s financial discipline?

Rough weather

News analysis | Two weeks of meteorological and political storms, with more brewing 

Young, black, and conservative

Politics | A vocal group of young African Americans wants to change the face of conservatism

Five years after Ebola

Disease | One small mission hospital in Liberia saved lives and paved the way for better healthcare in Africa

Help is [still, maybe] on the way

Middle East | An entrenched aid machine in Washington is endangering a post-ISIS comeback for Iraq’s Christians and Yazidis—and a big success story for the Trump administration

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9.17.19 Defending conscience rights, and Darwinism and its effects

Mary Reichard talks to Tom Brejcha about the status of David Daleiden's court case; Anna Johansen reports on a fungus that threatens banana crops and the livelihood of banana producers; Leigh Jones explains how a Catholic hospital is fighting for religious liberty protections under Colorado's assisted suicide law; and J.C. Derrick talks to the vice president of Discovery Institute about Darwinism and its effects on the culture. Plus: commentary from Les Sillars. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate.

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A conversation with Tim Goeglein

This week, hear Warren Smith's conversation with former George W. Bush Aide, and vice president at Focus on the Family'Tim Goeglein.

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