Vol. 36, No. 2
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Chemical killer

Roe v. Wade | Surgical abortions have slowed, but pills and chemicals are reaching more homes—and killing more babies

The unseen faces of abortion

Roe v. Wade | The events of 2020 expose contradictions in the pro-abortion message

Abortion’s street fighter

Roe v. Wade | How Lawrence Lader led the abortion legalization drive— and later promoted the “abortion pill”

Historical abortion fiction

Roe v. Wade | Pro-abortionists claim abortifacients were legal centuries ago. The historical record proves otherwise

The pill and the pandemic

Roe v. Wade | The abortion industry uses COVID-19 to meet a long-term goal: eliminating restrictions on abortion pills. The result: more victims among unborn children, more women at risk

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1.26.21 Pro-abortion policies, free speech, and making connections

Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the Biden administration’s pro-abortion polices; Mary Reichard and Steve West talk about a new policy that attempts to control what real estate agents say, on and off the job; and Paul Butler reports on a social media platform that encourages harmony and connection. Plus: commentary from Kim Henderson, Sasquatch season, and the Tuesday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate. Additional support comes from The McCandlish Phillips Journalism Institute at The King’s College in New York City.  Training intellectually honest journalists to work in leading outlets across the country. More at TKC.edu.

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A conversation with Phil Cooke

This week, hear Warren Smith's conversation with author and Christian media expert, Phil Cooke.

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