Vol. 34, No. 10
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The view from ‘Doralzuela’

Politics | How refugees at ground level describe socialism’s latest failure. Will young Americans listen?

Living the Mexican dream

Immigration | Haitian immigrants who once tried to get to the United States are today building a future south of the border

‘I don’t have words for what I saw’

Terrorism | Sri Lankan churches begin their recovery from Easter bombings amid ongoing threats and restrictions

Sharing spaces in ‘God’s tribe’

Religion | A communal mountain tribe in Taiwan is attracting tourists while showcasing its indigenous heritage and Christian faith

More than overcomers

News | In a fortnight of darkness, light pierces through

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5.21.19 Transforming dementia patients, and the birth recession

Mary Reichard explains the latest Supreme Court rulings; Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the rising rate of maternal mortality; Katie Gaultney discusses America's declining birth rate; and Jenny Rough visits a chaplain who uses hymns to help dementia patients. Plus: commentary from Kim Henderson.

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A conversation with Glenn Stanton

This week, Warren Smith talks with Glenn Stanton, the director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, and the author of a new book: The Myth of the Dying Church: How Christianity Is Actually Thriving In America And Around The World.

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