Vol. 33, No. 11
Angela Lu Fulton
Acts of defiance

South Korea | North Korean defectors who have spent years countering Communist propaganda now find themselves at odds with the South Korean government

Neighbor and friend

Faith & Inspiration | Fifty years after Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood began, the people Fred Rogers knew away from cameras reveal the character of the man

Down-and-out by the river

Homelessness | While homeless campsites along the Santa Ana send Orange County officials scrambling for solutions, some ministries look for change in campers’ hearts

Adoption defense

Religious Liberty | A wave of new laws provides vital protection for faith-based adoption and foster agencies—but LGBT advocates are putting up a fight

The unmerry month of May

News analysis | Breaking worldview barriers in a world gone wrong 

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Culture Friday, and Solo: A Star Wars Story

On Culture Friday, Trevin Wax discusses difficult questions stemming from school shootings, the Royal Wedding address, and the fall of Paige Patterson, and Megan Basham reviews the latest Star Wars installment.

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A conversation with S.D. Smith

This week, Warren Smith talks with the author of The Green Ember series of children's books: S.D. Smith. Smith, known to his friends as Sam, didn't take a conventional route to becoming a best-selling author of children's and young adult books. By his own admission, he was not much of a reader when he was a boy, and for most of his early adult life he had a career completely outside the literary world, working for a time as a delivery driver to support his family.

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