Vol. 35, No. 7
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When disaster visits the vulnerable

Coronavirus | The coronavirus threatens those who need care the most and strains networks providing help

Inside the outbreak: Creative coronavirus help

Business | Innovative ways to be good neighbors in a crisis

Surprise reprieve

Health | A breakthrough drug extends life expectancy for cystic fibrosis but also highlights the burdens of a chronic illness

Spring into the past

Books | Forty history books for 40 (or more) evenings of edification

Inside the outbreak: Prepared hearts

Health | The coronavirus can mean a death sentence for patients awaiting life-saving heart surgery in Kenya. But surgeons work furiously to keep operations going

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3.30.20 Legal Docket, Moneybeat, and History Book

On Legal Docket, Mary Reichard details Supreme Court oral arguments in a case about a man who says he will be tortured if he is deported; on the Monday Moneybeat, Nick Eicher talks to financial analyst David Bahnsen about another topsy turvy week on Wall Street; and on History Book, Paul Butler recounts significant events from the past. Plus: commentary from Kim Henderson, and the Monday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate.

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Insightful interviews with popular musicians, Christian thought leaders, makers of movies and television, respected authors, and key political leaders.

A conversation with Richard Land, Mark Gregston and James Gottrey.

On this episode of Listening In, host Warren Smith talks with Richard Land, Mark Gregston, and James Gottrey about President Trump and his policies and how to live out Christian faith. Richard Land is the president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina and a member of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Group. Mark Gregston is the author of several parenting books and the founder of Heartlight, a counseling center for struggling teens. And James Gottrey is the vice president of public policy for the James Dobson Family Institute and the former director of marketing and legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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