Vol. 36, No. 8
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Border backtracking

Immigration | The U.S.-Mexico border isn’t open, but a migrant surge and a mishmash of messages and policies have created another crisis

Playing politics

Sports | Major League Baseball’s foray into voting law debates

Refugees’ gambit

| Top chess players from Iran are seeking asylum elsewhere, following a long history of chess talent using international events to escape persecution at home

Hope after a pandemic

Coronavirus | Following a year of coronavirus lockdowns, illness, and death, Americans rejoice at a vaccine and little steps back to normal living

Courting Christians

Israel | In Israel’s battle to form a coalition government, the spotlight turns to ethnic Aramean Christians long overlooked by Jewish politicians

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4.13.21 Alternatives to Amazon, pro-life Poland, and baking with a purpose

Leigh Jones reports on the creative ways authors are finding to break Amazon’s near-monopoly on book sales; Jenny Lind Schmitt reports on support for unborn babies in Poland; and Bonnie Pritchett meets a baker in Austin, Texas, who whips up sweet confections for children with disabilities. Plus: commentary from Steve West, admission rescinded, and the Tuesday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate. Additional support comes from The Master’s University, in Southern California, standing firm on Christ & Scripture for 94 years. New programs and scholarships available. More at masters.edu. From Wilberforce Weekend. A world class event from The Colson Center that explores your God-given calling and his restorative work in the world. May 21-23. More at wilberforceweekend.org. And from Too Busy To Flush- a podcast of real-life husband/wife conversations on kids, family, faith, and whatever else comes to mind. toobusytoflush.com

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A conversation with Rich Stearns

This week, hear Warren Smith's conversation with the former president of World Vision, Rich Stearns.

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