Vol. 35, No. 16
Anas Alkharboutli/Picture-Alliance/DPA/AP
Catastrophe upon catastrophe in Syria

Middle East | A long war has left Syria ill prepared for COVID-19—and outside forces, including the United States, might be making the battle more challenging

Matters of the mind

Politics | Questions about mental fitness will likely be a fixture of the fall presidential campaign

Homeschool surge

Back to School | With fall questions looming for school districts across the United States, more parents choose to educate their kids themselves

Public school uncertainties

Back to School | Administrators, teachers, parents, and students dash into a new school year with more questions than answers

Union University’s scramble to reopen

Back to School | Most Christian colleges can’t afford to stay closed in the fall

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Legal Docket, Episode 3: The Clean Water Act

Hosts Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough follow waste water from the Supreme Court building to the Potomac River as they consider how County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund further shapes the Clean Water Act. For the next seven weeks you'll be hearing Legal Docket on The World and Everything in It on Saturdays. Episode 3 is available this week. We also release Legal Docket as a stand-alone series, and we publish new episodes each Tuesday. So if you want to listen sooner or help others find this program, you can subscribe by searching for Legal Docket on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen.

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Encore episode: A conversation with Peter Wehner

This week, hear Warren Smith's 2019 conversation with author and former White House official, Peter Wehner.

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