Vol. 35, No. 15
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Blowing in the wind

Politics | From the Senate in the 1970s to the presidential campaign trail in 2020, Joe Biden has a long record of going where political pressures push him—and right now they’re pushing him aggressively leftward

The COVID-19 chasm

Coronavirus | The pandemic divides Americans—even Christians

The COVID-19 chasm: Viral division

Coronavirus | Some Americans take extra precautions. Some go on with business as usual

The COVID-19 chasm: The pandemic hits the heartland

Coronavirus | Middle America is seeing spikes in cases and the exhaustion of fending off the virus

The COVID-19 chasm: Some groups take their work outside

Coronavirus | Schools, churches, and businesses find creative ways to protect against the virus without closing down

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8.7.20 Culture Friday, Like Dandelion Dust, and Ask the Editor

On Culture Friday, professor George Yancey talks about the reality and limits of systemic racism and the principle of mutual accountability for racial reconciliation; Megan Basham reviews the Christian film, Like Dandelion Dust; and on Ask the Editor, Marvin Olasky answers questions about his Jewish, atheist background. Plus: piloting two world records, and the Friday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate. Additional support comes from The Bible Speaks Today, the best-selling commentary series now within a single study Bible. Learn to apply the Bible for everyday life. Also from Maranatha Baptist University. Flexible, biblical, engaging online options, from high school to graduate school. And Samaritan Ministries. Samaritan members care for one another by praying, encouraging and sharing health care costs—all without the use of insurance.

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A conversation with Peter Wehner

This week, hear Warren Smith's 2019 conversation with author and former White House official, Peter Wehner.

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