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Supreme Court ponders resurrecting First Amendment case

Free Speech | A Georgia college student presses a lawsuit against a defunct speech policy
by Steve West
Posted 1/15/21, 05:22 pm

Should someone be allowed to pursue a lawsuit and damages over a speech policy that doesn’t exist anymore? The Supreme Court justices seemed conflicted on Thursday.

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Associated Press/Photo by Hani Mohammed (file)

Yemen’s deepening crisis

International | Aid workers worry a terrorism designation could make things worse
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 1/14/21, 06:42 pm

As 2020 drew to a close, aid workers in war-torn Yemen painted a stark future for the coming year: More than half of all Yemenis could go hungry in 2021, with some 5 million people one step closer to famine. The United Nations’ Humanitarian Response Plan from last year only received about half the funds it needed while needs continue to grow.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jamie Stengle

Life for Tinslee Lewis

Life | The Supreme Court weighs in on case of a child on life support
by Leah Hickman
Posted 1/14/21, 06:32 pm

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected Cook Children’s Medical Center’s request to remove a child from life support against her mother’s wishes. The case returns to a lower court, where Tinslee Lewis’ supporters at Texas Right to Life expect the court to allow the child to keep living.

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