Joel Belz

Joel is WORLD's founder. He contributes regular commentary for WORLD Magazine and WORLD Radio. Joel has served as editor, publisher, and CEO over three decades at WORLD and is the author of Consider These Things. Joel resides with his wife, Carol, near Asheville, N.C.

United we spend

Money | Americans don’t seem at all divided when it comes to debt
by Joel Belz
Posted 9/23/20, 11:14 pm

I finally found some “common ground.” Not quite what I was looking for, but as best I can tell, it’s an issue where Republicans and Democrats seem to have virtual agreement. 

They’ll do that by simply remaining silent.

The topic is debt retirement. I may repeat myself—but it’s important to our families and businesses; our churches and schools; our city, state, and national economies; and to the world.

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No middle of the road

Politics | People want a leader who knows what he thinks
by Joel Belz
Posted 9/10/20, 03:00 pm

Of all the criticisms President Trump has to live with, you don’t often hear him called a cowardly middle-of-the-roader. You may not like his position on any particular issue, but you probably know what he thinks.

Immigration? The Washington “swamp”? Free trade with China? Prisoners of war like the late John McCain? No hugging the stripe at the center of the road. You know what your president thinks. Or at least what, on the record, he says he thinks!

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More than a single issue

Politics | A challenge to pray for America
by Joel Belz
Posted 8/27/20, 03:52 pm

Calling someone a “single-issue voter” may be accurate—but not the fastest way to win that person as a lifelong friend.

I know that to be the case based on experience. When someone says I’m a “single-­issue thinker,” I hear them calling me shallow, superficial, simplistic, and probably at least a little bit lazy.

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