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FAQ: Who is saved?

Religion | Evidence of Josef Stalin’s atheism
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/22/17, 11:10 am

Some WORLD members like to claim that people secretly are Christians, or that particular celebrities have had deathbed conversions. Others ask about particular individuals. I can’t answer those questions definitively. No one on earth knows what’s going through the minds of some people in their last hours, as their minds are going. Still, we have no indication that Charles Darwin, Christopher Hitchens, or others had radical last-minute changes.

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Hacking isn’t NHS’s only problem

Healthcare | The ‘free’ U.K. governmental healthcare system diminishes the quality of care for all
by Cal Thomas
Posted 5/18/17, 11:23 am

GLASGOW, Scotland—The ransomware cyberattack that wormed its way into at least 74 countries recently exposed new vulnerabilities in the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), as if it weren’t vulnerable enough.

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Good families reduce crime

Crime | Studies show the factors early in life that lead to juvenile and adult criminal behavior
by Anthony Bradley
Posted 5/17/17, 04:24 pm

As U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions advises federal prosecutors to get tougher on crime, Christians can use this as an opportunity to consider why it is that people commit crimes in the first place. While conservatives tend to highlight the individual’s choice to sin against society and progressives tend to point to structural issues like poverty, the truth is actually somewhere in the middle. For example, in the juvenile justice system, we see the tragic intersection of the breakdown of the family, acting out, and poor choices that often leads to adult criminal behavior.

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