Dispelling the safe abortion myth

Abortion | Pro-life groups spotlight substandard health and safety conditions at abortion centers across the country
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 3/05/18, 01:53 pm

Abortionists like to tout the safety of their procedures, for women if not for their babies. But reports detailing substandard health conditions at abortion centers across the country tell a different story.

Abortion isn’t safe for anyone, and initiatives by two pro-life groups aim to raise awareness of abortionists’ disregard for even basic healthcare standards.

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Pro-lifers dismayed over Oregon starvation bill’s return

Euthanasia | State lawmakers appear ready to approve measure defeated last year
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 2/26/18, 01:41 pm

An Oregon bill that could lead to the unrequested starvation and dehydration of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients has returned to the state legislature after facing defeat last year.

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Associated Press/Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

Planned Parenthood takes page from pro-life playbook

Abortion | Organization announces plan to push state laws loosening abortion restrictions and reversing funding cuts
by Andrew Shaughnessy
Posted 2/19/18, 01:54 pm

Planned Parenthood, most often forced to play defense against successful pro-life advocacy and legislative efforts, is going on offense.

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