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The new rescuers

Abortion | Pro-lifers reinvent the abortion center sit-in
by Leah Hickman
Posted 1/27/20, 06:08 pm

At 11 a.m. on Jan. 18, five pro-life activists entered the Options for Women abortion center in Plainfield, N.J. They talked to the women in the waiting room and handed out roses with printed information about local pro-life pregnancy centers tied to the stems. Police arrived and told the activists to leave, but four of them chose to remain in the facility. Officers arrested them about an hour later.

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The reality of abortion regret

Abortion | A study tries to downplay the emotional toll on women
by Leah Hickman
Posted 1/20/20, 06:00 pm

Seven years after her abortion, Pat Layton was driving down an interstate highway in Florida when she burst into tears. The Christian talk show playing on her car radio featured women talking about their abortions. They mentioned their struggles with drugs, alcohol, anger, depression, and shame. Layton had experienced all of those problems and she was finally realizing that they stemmed from her abortion as a college student in 1977.

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Cheering on suicide

Euthanasia | How Canada treats euthanasia patients who donate their organs
by Mary Jackson
Posted 1/13/20, 03:53 pm

Organ donation companies in Canada are targeting patients who want to end their lives by physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. The Ottawa Citizen last week lauded the country’s “medical aid in dying” law as a boon for organ and tissue shortages.

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