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Associated Press/Photo by Jose Luis Magana

Impeachment lack-tivism

Politics | At a historic moment in U.S. politics, where are all the protesters?
by Harvest Prude
Posted 1/23/20, 03:34 pm

WASHINGTON—In a city known for its political activism, the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began Tuesday afternoon in a puzzlingly quiet way.

Neither protesters nor supporters of the president turned out in great force. A small crowd of anti-Trump demonstrators, barely visible from the U.S. Capitol steps, gathered on a nearby lawn.

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Associated Press/Photo by Carlos Giusti

Disaster on top of disaster

Politics | Funds for Hurricane Maria released just in time for Puerto Rico’s next wave of misery
by Harvest Prude
Posted 1/16/20, 06:48 pm

Puerto Rico is still trembling after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the island last week, pounding the southwestern coast. Since the final days of 2019, more than 40 quakes have shaken the island, severely damaging its infrastructure, knocking out power, and driving over 2,000 people to shelters.

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Associated Press/Photo by Richard Drew

What about Biden?

Politics | A closer look at the former vice president’s dealings in Ukraine
by Harvest Prude
Posted 1/09/20, 06:02 pm

WASHINGTON—The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has focused on whether the president pressured Ukraine to investigate the family of his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. But the impeachment fury has overshadowed a logical follow-up question: Did the Bidens do something that merits investigating?

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