Associated Press/Photo by Thoko Chikondi (file)

Malawi’s new leader trained in church

International | Longtime pastor begins work on economic reform and fighting corruption
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 7/31/20, 12:45 pm

During his inauguration, Malawi’s Pentecostal pastor–turned-president said he came to serve, not rule. Adding that the nation must clear out the rubble caused by corruption before it can start to rebuild, Lazarus Chakwera promised to “challenge the leadership of the judiciary to do more to root out the culture of corruption and selective justice that has shipwrecked too many of our lowest courts.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Kim In-chul/Yonhap (file)

Bad neighbors on the Korean Peninsula

International | North Korea reneges on several peace resolutions
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 6/26/20, 05:31 pm

The North Korean military on Tuesday reinstalled about 20 loudspeakers along the Demilitarized Zone with South Korea, suggesting a return to psychological warfare. Pyongyang has spent the past several weeks backpedaling on many peace agreements it reached with its southern neighbor in 2018.

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Associated Press (file)

Yemeni rebels keep infections under wraps

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 6/09/20, 01:00 pm

Houthi insurgents have ordered late-night secret burials for victims of the coronavirus and punished those who report the effects of the pandemic, residents of Yemen’s northern region said. Insurgents in the area officially reported only four infections since the outbreak began, while local unions recorded 87 deaths between mid-May and early June. Some gravediggers said the rebels instructed them to refer to the dead as “unidentified bodies from the war.”

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