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WWII’s winners and losers

Books | A moral appraisal of the 20th century’s greatest conflict
by Victor Davis Hanson
Posted 9/08/18, 01:09 pm

If you read only one new book on the greatest conflict of the last century, Victor Davis Hanson’s The Second World Wars—plural—should be it. It made our 2017 Books of the Year short list in the History category because Hanson’s expertise about both ancient Greece and modern war allowed him present a comprehensive look at wars against Germany and Japan on land, at sea, and in the air that were largely distinct.

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A brutal thing

History | Washington’s ‘living memorial’ to the Holocaust
by Kim Henderson
Posted 4/26/18, 02:19 pm

May 14 is the 70th anniversary of the date Israel became an independent country. It had sufficient international support to do that, over violent opposition from surrounding Muslims, because of the Holocaust, the murder of 6 million Jews during World War II. This year is also the 25th anniversary of the opening of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum just off the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Kim Henderson visited it recently.

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Recent novels from evangelical publishers

by Sandy Barwick
Posted 5/10/17, 11:47 am

Life After

Katie Ganshert

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