Associated Press/Photo by Evan Vucci

New York Times admits no evidence linking Trump, Russia

International | Plus fighting in Afghanistan and post-fighting recoveries in Iraq
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/18/18, 03:10 pm

UNITED STATES: The New York Times story confirming the Obama intelligence apparatus spied on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 underscores how blasé big media has been “about the fact that the Obama administration was actively spying on four affiliates of a rival political campa

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Eric Lalmand/AFP/Getty Images

Through fire to forgiveness

Faith & Inspiration | The ‘Napalm Girl’ of Vietnam says a bomb pointed her to Christ
by June Cheng
Posted 4/12/18, 02:50 pm

With the snap of a camera, a photojournalist immortalized the most agonizing moment of Kim Phuc Phan Thi’s life: The 9-year-old girl was running from air raids on the Vietnamese village of Trang Bang, naked, arms spread, screaming in pain from the napalm burning her neck, back, and arms.

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AFP/Getty Images/Photo by Eric Cabanis

A Christian hero in France

International | Plus Palm Sunday in Iraq, the West reproaches Russia, and more international news and notes
by Mindy Belz
Posted 3/26/18, 12:42 pm

FRANCE: The police officer killed as a result of injuries suffered in Friday’s terrorist attack near Carcasonne “went to the end of his testimony of faith,” according to the national police chaplain. Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame was among the first responders to the attack, which began as a carjacking and then moved to a supermarket, where a Moroccan-born gunman claiming allegiance to Islamic State (ISIS) took hostages.

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