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The Venezuela test

Government | What does it take to make a nation long endure?
by Joel Belz
Posted 2/28/19, 02:12 pm

If it really happens that the socialist government of Venezuela is upended sometime during the next few months, the question will look bigger and bigger: Who gets to shape the government of Venezuela’s future?

It’s not a binary choice. Every student of foreign affairs should be reminded that the disappearance of one bad dude doesn’t necessarily mean he’s been replaced by an angel from heaven. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Hillary Levin/St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Global influence in the United Methodist Church

International | Plus, from Kew Gardens to Kashmir, it’s hot all over
by Mindy Belz
Posted 2/27/19, 11:32 am

AFRICA: United Methodists meeting in St. Louis on Tuesday reaffirmed the denomination’s teaching on sexual ethics, rejecting plans that would permit same-sex marriages and clergy to be sexually active outside of monogamous, heterosexual marriages.

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Associated Press/Photo by Martin Mejia

U.S. piles more sanctions on Venezuela

by Alyssa Jackson
Posted 2/26/19, 12:28 pm

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in Bogotá, Colombia, on Monday announced more sanctions against Venezuelan officials and more aid for the country’s people. The sanctions target four individuals: one close associate of embattled President Nicolás Maduro and three governors who support the Maduro regime. “These people worked to block aid for people in need and suppress peaceful protests while their tyrant danced in Caracas,” Pence told the Lima Group, comprised of concerned allies in the Western Hemisphere, at a meeting in Colombia’s capital.

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