Sophia with her parents

I’m Somebody’s child

Faith & Inspiration | This Thanksgiving, my earthly parents reminded me of my heavenly one
by Sophia Lee
Posted 12/04/17, 02:27 pm

I love the smell of my parents’ house. I visited my parents in Northern Virginia this Thanksgiving, and the moment I walked in, I smelled the pungent, crisp whiff of my mother’s fresh-made kimchi—traditional Korean fermented cabbage, still raw and crunchy in the giant stainless steel bowl she uses to massage the vegetables with chili paste. As I kissed my father’s cheek hello, I smelled his familiar aftershave. Then I ran upstairs to kiss my mother, and smelled her sweet milky lotion.

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Holiday in Taipei

Taiwan | It’s tricky finding turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner in Taiwan
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 11/29/17, 04:33 pm

Thanksgiving at bars: On Thanksgiving night, I tucked into the holiday staples: turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, and pumpkin pie. Yet instead of eating with extended family on a long wooden table in the warmth of home, I was at On Tap, an expat bar in Taipei, with my husband and a friend, as a rerun of Monday Night Football played on a large TV. The food was mediocre at best, but it’s hard to complain: Turkeys are hard to find in Asia since they need to be imported from America, so getting to eat the foreign bird at all was nostalgic enough. 

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Jae C. Hong/AP

Remembering the homeless this Thanksgiving

Homelessness | Meeting deep needs calls for more than a soup line
by Sophia Lee
Posted 11/22/17, 02:40 pm

Something I’ve noticed in my travels: Homelessness in America looks very different from homelessness in other countries. Two years ago I was in Batam, Indonesia, where I visited a homeless couple who lived in a “hut” made of trash. They lay on a wooden plank with their two young daughters and toddler son, surrounded by flies and hoping to find enough rice in the dumpsters.

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