Associated Press/Photo by Alain Didier Compaore

Burkina Faso churchgoers under fire during worship

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 12/02/19, 10:10 am

The latest attack in Burkina Faso left 14 worshippers at a Protestant church dead on Sunday. The once calm African nation, landlocked between war-torn Mali and Niger, has seen an increase in insurgent violence.

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Associated Press/Photo by Vahid Salemi

Iran joins the fray of mass protests

International | The Islamic country’s government ends unrest with internet blackout
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 11/26/19, 12:55 pm

Full internet access slowly returned across Iran over the weekend, ending a crackdown on protests the Islamic government labeled as an enemy plot. The clashes echoed ongoing, sporadic outbursts of frustration over repressive leadership throughout the Middle East.

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Mindy Belz

In the house of mourning

Middle East | Syrians want ‘our pain to reach your government’
by Mindy Belz
Posted 11/21/19, 10:46 am

QAMISHLI, SYRIA—Two long tents straddle the street in this Kurdish neighborhood near the home of Amer Mohamed Said Berlan, a 25-year-old business owner killed in a car bombing on Nov. 11. The mourners have been coming all day and from across the city to pay their respects. The women sit in clusters on the floor of one tent, children in their laps and talking low. In another, the men sit in chairs in rigid lines, smoking and talking. A boy weaves in and out, serving cups of water.

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