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Witness to persecution

China | A new book by Chinese Christian Gao Zhisheng details his treatment at the hands of authorities and his hopes for a new China
by June Cheng
Posted 8/05/16, 01:00 am

TAIWAN—For more than a decade, human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng paid the price for shining light on the Chinese Communist Party’s injustices. Government agents kidnapped him multiple times, tortured him with electric shock batons, and beat him until they lost their breath. They placed him in solitary confinement for three years and taunted him: The world has forgotten you and your family thinks you’re dead.  

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Taiwan: The canary in the South China Sea coal mine

China | The tiny island nation is at the center of China’s geopolitical hurricane
by June Cheng
Posted 7/26/16, 11:43 am

China had at least one backer in rejecting the South China Sea ruling earlier this month: Taiwan. The Hague’s Permanent Court of Appeals decided none of the land features in the sea qualified as islands, including the Taiwan-administered island of Itu-aba (also known as Taiping) in the Spratly Islands, the largest natural island in the South China Sea.

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Midday Roundup: Congress agrees on debt relief for Puerto Rico

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 5/20/16, 11:30 am

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