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Making motherhood a commodity

by Courtney Crandell
Posted 6/09/14, 01:30 pm

In 1987, Charlotte Lee agreed to become a traditional surrogate mother for her barren sister. Lee grew up in an abusive home, so she relished the opportunity to help create a loving family for her sister and her husband. After four attempts to become pregnant through insemination with her brother-in-law’s sperm, Lee joyfully announced a successful pregnancy. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Johan Wingborg/University of Goteborg

Womb for rent

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 1/16/14, 05:10 pm

A new, radical surgery offers hope to women who are missing reproductive organs due to birth defects or disease. But that hope comes at a cost and raises the question: How far should doctors go to give women a chance to have children?

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Chicago Tribune/MCT /Landov

Egg fight

Lifestyle | Surrogacy is growing in popularity, but so is the number of controversial cases
by Courtney Crandell
Posted 1/11/13, 01:00 am

Surrogacy—one woman bearing children for another, or a couple—is a growing part of our brave new birth world. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law last September allowing pre-birth establishment of parental rights and validating surrogacy contracts. The unanimously passed bill also redefined “intended parent” to include married or unmarried persons, legitimizing homosexual intended parents. 

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