Associated Press/Photo by Efrem Lukatsky (file)

Babies in waiting

Family | Infants born to surrogates are stuck in Ukraine
by Mary Jackson
Posted 5/22/20, 04:17 pm

For 12 long seconds, dozens of swaddled newborns in rows of cribs formed a chorus of cries. The babies are among hundreds born to surrogate mothers in Ukraine whose biological parents cannot travel to get them because of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Topsy-turvy maternity

Family | COVID-19 cancels prenatal appointments and upends childbirth plans
by Mary Jackson
Posted 4/10/20, 05:26 pm

Savannah Horton is 33 weeks pregnant with high blood pressure, but she only has seen her doctor three times during her pregnancy. The Santa Rosa, Calif., mother of four last saw her OB-GYN—and her unborn daughter via ultrasound—at the end of January, two days after California’s first confirmed coronavirus case was announced. Since then, the doctor has either canceled Horton’s prenatal appointments or conducted them over the phone.

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Associated Press/Photo by Pat Eaton-Robb

Year in Review: Running away from God

Family | New fronts continued to pop up in 2019 for those dealing with family and sexuality issues
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 12/27/19, 01:40 pm

God’s good design for marriage, family, gender, and sexuality faced attacks from every side this year, leaving a trail of victims. Here are the top stories we covered in 2019 on the family and sexuality fronts.

How much testosterone?

Various amateur regulatory bodies and professional sports leagues grappled with who should compete in women’s sports this year.

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