South Sudan
Associated Press/Photo by Thibault Camus (pool)

Lebanon’s aftermath

International | France offers its assistance to the shellshocked citizens of Beirut
by Mindy Belz
Posted 8/06/20, 04:28 pm

LEBANON: France is taking a lead among Western nations, with the United States making tentative (my take) offers of help in the wake of Tuesday’s catastrophic explosion in Beirut. The official death toll stands at 137, with more than 5,000 injured and at least 350,000 made homeless in a blast triggered by a fire that exploded nearly 3,000 metric tons of ammonium nitrate at the city’s port.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ernesto Vargas

A distracted nation

International | Foes challenge the United States on land and sea
by Mindy Belz
Posted 6/01/20, 02:33 pm

IRAN: China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran all in recent days carried out provocations, taking advantage of a preoccupied United States—where 100,000 people have died of the coronavirus and six days of protests over racial injustice have activated military and National Guard units in 21 states.

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Associated Press/Photo by Sam Mednick (file)

COVID-19 reaches refugee camps

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/13/20, 12:08 pm

An overcrowded UN camp for internally displaced persons in Juba, South Sudan, confirmed its first two cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday. Both patients are South Sudanese nationals in their 20s, said Dr. Matthew Tut, the country’s health ministry emergency preparedness manager. UN camps shelter more than 190,000 displaced people across South Sudan, including nearly 30,000 in Juba. The country reportedly has 194 COVID-19 confirmed cases, zero deaths, and two recoveries as of Wednesday.

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