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Socialist soap opera?

China | How Chinese censorship ruined a popular Asian drama
by June Cheng
Posted 10/21/19, 01:47 pm

It’s been 25 years since the TV show Friends was first broadcast in America, and one of its lesser-known legacies is the large number of Chinese millennials who have learned English by watching the show. Television shows allow language learners to hear English spoken in a native accent and used in an everyday context. Storylines also help students remain engaged and teach them about American culture (for better or worse).

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Gaston Brito/Picture-Alliance/DPA/AP

Evo ever after?

South America | As a new election approaches, Bolivia’s Morales may be seeking to become another South American president for life
by Jamie Dean
Posted 9/26/19, 01:01 pm

Each morning in the Bolivian city of La Paz, thousands of young men pull ski masks over their faces and baseball caps over their heads, as they wait for scores of pedestrians to spill into the bustling streets.

The sight might be startling outside of La Paz, but in the South American city perched high in the Andes Mountains, it’s a normal part of the morning commute: The masked men aren’t waiting to rob pedestrians; they’re waiting to shine their shoes.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ariana Cubillos

U.S. ups financial pressure on Maduro

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/06/19, 10:36 am

Eight months have passed since Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president of Venezuela, but Nicolás Maduro will not step down from office. The Trump administration froze all of the Venezuelan government’s assets in the United States on Monday and banned Americans from doing business with Maduro or any of his top allies. The order cited Maduro’s “continued usurpation of power” and human rights abuses by security forces loyal to him.

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