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A flawed design

Government | Why is socialism suddenly attractive?
by Joel Belz
Posted 2/14/19, 03:00 pm

Who might have guessed that already, right here in the U.S. of A., we’d be at a point where a growing number of candidates for public office seem to think it’s advantageous to refer to themselves as socialists?

For all of my lifetime, that’s been a putdown. Call someone a socialist, and you mean nothing good. You’re deliberately putting your opponent on the defensive.

But apparently we’ve now reached the place where so many voters have become so smart and sophisticated that you can offer them a real-life socialist—and be rewarded with a victory on Election Day. 

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‘This is the moment’

News analysis | Venezuelans seek to end their socialist dictator’s crushing rule
by Jamie Dean
Posted 1/30/19, 08:48 pm

In one of the most remarkable moments in Latin America’s modern history, thousands of Venezuelans packed a public square in Caracas on Jan. 23 and exulted as Juan Guaidó took the oath of presidency, declaring dictator Nicolás Maduro’s power illegitimate.

U.S. officials quickly declared support for the new leadership and urged Maduro to relinquish his brutal grip on a country suffering from one of the most severe economic and humanitarian crises in the world.

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Freedom on the wane

Politics | A socialist future may already be here
by Joel Belz
Posted 11/27/18, 02:02 pm

If you’re one of those worrywarts who’s concerned that our nation is headed down the slippery slope to socialism, I’m here to make a sober pronouncement: You’re probably too late.

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