Boy or girl? A surprise discovery

Science | Research finds ‘noncoding’ DNA plays a critical role in sex development
by Anna Johansen
Posted 6/28/18, 04:59 pm

Scientists used to tout “junk” DNA as useless debris leftover from evolution, but a recent study shows that the microscopic strands hold another surprise: the power to determine sex.

Researchers from the Francis Crick Institute used a genetic technique to remove a small section of noncoding DNA from male mice embryos. As the mice developed, they grew ovaries instead of testes. It’s not the first time researchers have experimented with sex reversal in mice, but it’s the first time they’ve done so by tampering with noncoding DNA instead of the kind of DNA that creates proteins.

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Associated Press/Photo by Mary Altaffer

Once upon a man in a dress

Transgenderism | Libraries across the country invite drag performers to ‘teach’ kids about gender fluidity
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 6/22/18, 04:06 pm

Public libraries across the country are hosting drag performers for children’s story hours in June. What started as a one-off 2015 event in San Francisco has become a national movement of libraries hiring men dressed as women to read books and sing songs with children, all advertised as kid-friendly exposure to gender fluidity.

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Associated Press/Photo by Sophia Bollag

Minority voices

Sexuality | Testimony from opponents to California’s ‘conversion therapy’ ban
by Jim Long & Marvin Olasky
Posted 6/16/18, 07:44 am

The cover story in WORLD’s June 30, 2018 issue shows how a bill to ban “conversion therapy” (sometimes called “reparative therapy”) in California, even for consenting adults, is in a pipeline to passage. Since press coverage has been biased in favor of the bill, here are a few voices of opposition from testimony before the California Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee.

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