Associated Press/Photo by Rachel La Corte

Therapy bans, the new battlefield

Sexuality | LGBT advocates want to outlaw sexual orientation change efforts
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 4/06/18, 04:15 pm

In the last two weeks, at least four states have taken action on laws barring therapists from counseling individuals about their sexual orientation or gender identity, other than to encourage homosexuality or transgenderism.

Supporters of the laws argue the bans protect people from ineffective and abusive methods while contending sexual orientation and gender identity are fixed and efforts to change them result in repression and shame.

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Associated Press/Photo by Massoud Hossaini

Transgender troop policy puts military readiness first

Sexuality | President Donald Trump accepts recommendations for limits on transgender service
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 3/30/18, 01:49 pm

President Donald Trump late last week ordered the adoption of a new policy on transgender individuals and military service. The policy, proposed by Defense Secretary James Mattis in a memo last month, restricts military service, but with narrow exceptions, to individuals able to serve according to their biological gender and with no history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

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Boys will be girls

Sports | ‘Gender fluid’ athlete presents new wrinkle in transgenderism debate
by Ray Hacke
Posted 3/29/18, 11:25 am

Nationwide, transgender athletes are blurring the once-distinct lines between male and female in public-school sports programs that, for the most part, remain segregated by sex. One California seventh-grader is blurring the lines even further.

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