Old-fashioned wisdom

Sexuality | Survey finds marital bliss belongs to the sexually exclusive
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 10/26/18, 03:15 pm

Americans reporting only one lifetime sexual partner have the happiest marriages, according to analysis published this week by the Institute for Family Studies.

Nicholas Wolfinger, sociologist at the University of Utah, looked at results from almost 30 years of the General Social Survey, a nationwide survey funded by the National Science Foundation. It asks, among many things, detailed questions about sexual biographies and marital happiness.

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Union University

Overcoming Title IX exemption shame

Education | Proposed policy changes would end government list of ‘discriminatory’ Christian colleges
by Leigh Jones
Posted 10/24/18, 04:13 pm

Christian colleges and universities found themselves forced to wear a scarlet letter under the Obama administration: D for discrimination.

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Associated Press/Photo by Eric Gay (file)

A Texas-size defense of religious liberty

Religious Liberty | A trio of cases argues for exemptions to LGBT nondiscrimination laws
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 10/23/18, 02:34 pm

Three lawsuits filed within days of each other in Texas could affect religious liberty cases nationwide if the challenges to LGBT nondiscrimination regulations get a hearing in their respective courts.

A coalition of pastors and a conservative legal advocacy group are using a multipronged strategy to challenge nondiscrimination laws at the state and federal level that do not have exemptions for people who believe in a Biblical definition of marriage and sex.

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