Associated Press/Photo by Keith Myers/The Kansas City Star

Gender-neutral solution?

Family | A Kansas City area school district’s solution to restroom privacy leaves unanswered questions about cost and safety
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 8/31/18, 05:39 pm

Two new Kansas City, Mo.–area elementary schools started classes this month with only one option for restrooms: gender neutral.

The restrooms at Rising Hill Elementary and Northview Elementary, both in the North Kansas City School District, have only individual restroom stalls, including floor-to-ceiling walls, lockable doors, and a common sink trough. The district renovated a few restrooms at North Kansas City High School and at two district sixth-grade centers to be gender neutral as well.

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Associated Press/Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

In a surprise move, Evan Low, an openly gay California assemblyman and the author of a highly controversial bill banning “conversion therapy” for homosexual adults, pulled the measure from consideration Friday. The bill, known as Assembly Bill 2943, was expected to pass the Democratic majority Assembly on what was the last day of the legislative session and to be signed into law by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

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Associated Press/Photo by Sophia Bollag

Free speech face-off looms in California

First Amendment | Christians prepare for legal battle over controversial bill
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 8/28/18, 04:39 pm

Christian counselors are ready to mount a legal defense if a draconian law against “sexual orientation change efforts” passes in the California legislature this week.

State lawmakers have until Friday to vote on all remaining legislation this session before sending approved measures to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature. Despite national opposition to Assembly Bill 2943, its critics believe the bill will be on the Democratic governor’s desk by week’s end.

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