Associated Press

Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 6/11/19, 10:08 am

The Botswana High Court on Tuesday ruled the nation’s ban on same-sex relations was unconstitutional. The court’s three judges unanimously agreed to scrap the 1965 law, which had carried a seven-year prison sentence. They wrote that sexual orientation is not a “fashion statement” and that diversity and tolerance are hallmarks of a democratic society. “Any criminalization of love or finding fulfillment in love dilutes compassion and tolerance,” the judges said.

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Alliance Defending Freedom

Christian baker faces another lawsuit

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 6/10/19, 01:52 pm

An LGBT activist has filed a lawsuit against Colorado baker Jack Phillips, who last summer won a U.S. Supreme Court judgment protecting his right to decline to bake custom cakes that violate his religious beliefs. The Supreme Court case centered on a request for a cake for a same-sex wedding, while the new case deals with a cake celebrating a gender transition.

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Channel 5

Normalizing child grooming?

Entertainment | In a growing trend, a British TV show glorifies exploitation
by Mary Jackson & Leif Le Mahieu
Posted 6/07/19, 03:48 pm

A British TV show is sparking backlash for what some viewers see as normalization of child sexual abuse. Britain’s Channel 5 released a promotional video last week for the upcoming season of Age Gap Love with a clip of a couple whose relationship began when the man was 44 and the girl was 16.

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