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A busy fortnight

News | Alfie, Brokaw, California, Patterson, Wolf
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/07/18, 02:06 pm

An alphabet soup of provocative news filled the last two weeks:

A is for Alfie Evans, who died at April’s end, 11 days short of his second birthday. Maybe he would have died then anyway had Britain’s High Court of Justice allowed his parents to move Alfie to the hospital in Rome that was eager to accept him, but we’ll never know. Thirty British police officers guarded Alfie to keep his supporters from rescuing him. How odd for a hospital to treat a toddler like a roach: He can check in but he can’t check out.

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Medicaid recipients sue for sex change surgery

Family | Transgender plaintiffs want Wisconsin to pay for their operations
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 5/04/18, 02:11 pm

Two transgender residents this week pushed Wisconsin to move into the next frontier in transgender rights: state-funded sex change surgeries.

In a federal lawsuit filed Monday, two plaintiffs alleged the state Department of Health Services unlawfully discriminated against them by refusing to cover their sex change operations.

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Will Republicans ditch religious liberty bills?

First Amendment | Faced with accusations of anti-gay bias, state lawmakers are waffling on protections for faith-based foster and adoption agencies
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 5/01/18, 02:23 pm

Three state legislatures face looming deadlines for bills that would provide legal protection for religious foster and adoption care agencies in their respective states. But the bills have weathered virulent opposition from LGBT lobby groups, and supporters fear lawmakers will buckle under accusations of “discrimination,” leaving agencies exposed to legal challenges that could put them out of business.

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