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State mandates payment for children’s breast removal

Sexuality | California dubs double mastectomies an appropriate transgender treatment for girls
by Mary Jackson
Posted 1/08/21, 02:36 pm

As a child, Erin Brewer would have had her healthy breasts amputated if presented with the opportunity to fulfill her strong desire to be a boy. Instead, she said, a school psychologist helped her come to terms with her gender. Now, she is grateful to have nursed her three children.

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Immutable advantage

Sexuality | Hormone treatments do not erase the unfairness of transgender athletics
by Mary Jackson
Posted 1/08/21, 01:47 pm

Collegiate and Olympic sports require men who want to participate in women’s sports because they identify as transgender to take one year of testosterone-suppressing drugs. New scientific evidence challenges whether that is enough to level the playing field and protect women.

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Facebook/Gordon College

Is a college professor (legally) a minister?

Religious Liberty | Appeals court considers extent to which ministerial exception protects employment decisions of Christian college
by Steve West
Posted 1/08/21, 01:17 pm

After Gordon College in Wenham, Mass., denied Margaret DeWeese-Boyd promotion to full professorship, she sued the school in September 2017. The former social work professor claimed the evangelical school retaliated against her for advocating pro-LGBT views and opposing the institutional standards on human sexuality.

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