Companies cash in on transgender trend

Transgenderism | A new app supports cheap, easy, and quick sex changes, potentially at great human cost
by Mary Jackson
Posted 2/26/21, 01:40 pm

At age 25, Laura Perry met with a therapist three times to obtain a note saying she had gender dysphoria. Before diagnosing her, the therapist suggested Perry’s strained relationship with her mother could have something to do with her desire to be a man. Perry scoffed.

With the note, she met with a doctor who prescribed testosterone. That night, she injected the hormone into her thigh muscle. It was the start of nine years involving monthly hormone injections, a double mastectomy, and a full hysterectomy—but no reprieve from her depression and dysphoria.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

House passes controversial LGBT bill

by Kent Covington
Posted 2/25/21, 06:08 pm

The so-called Equality Act would write LGBT protections into civil rights statutes, prioritizing them over religious liberty. The Democratic-led House passed the sweeping bill mostly along party lines on Thursday.

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The trouble with perpetual victimhood

Society | Suffering is real, but it shouldn’t change our identities
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 2/25/21, 12:04 pm

Back in the early 1970s, my husband worked as assistant manager of the local drive-in in the west Texas town where we were attending college. Since he didn’t get home until after midnight, I had those long evening hours to myself. When the weather cooperated, I took long walks. Most of it was along streets and avenues, but one route took me the long way around campus, past the far-flung tracks and ballfields, where there were no houses, little traffic, and few streetlights. 

One night, in the silence under the stars, I began hearing footsteps besides my own.

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