Sexual Abuse
Associated Press/Photo by Sunday Alamba

The next battlefield

International | The African continent braces for its own coronavirus crises
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 3/27/20, 05:59 pm

ABUJA, Nigeria—On Sunday, the red chairs inside The Citizens Church in Nigeria’s capital city remained empty as the congregation watched a livestreamed service on Facebook. In Lagos, the Catholic Church suspended public Mass for the next four weeks in the city, which had the most recorded cases of COVID-19 in the country.

In South Africa, which has more than 700 COVID-19 cases—the highest number on the continent—the Methodist Church canceled its Easter season services, and Zion Christian Church suspended its annual Easter pilgrimage to its headquarters in Moria.

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Illicit opportunism

Family | Pornhub tries to snare consumers during pandemic
by Mary Jackson
Posted 3/20/20, 04:22 pm

Pornhub is trying to lure Europeans quarantined for the coronavirus into streaming its pornographic videos, some of which contain trafficked children and adults and rapes. The internet’s largest pornography website offered users in France, Italy, and Spain free one-month subscriptions to its “premium” content.

The clearinghouse for user-generated pornography framed its free access during the COVID-19 crisis as an act of charity. But Laila Mickelwait of the anti-trafficking group Exodus Cry called it “mass exploitation for the purpose of pleasure and profit.”

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Associated Press/Elizabeth Williams

Weinstein sentenced to 23 years

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 3/11/20, 11:49 am

The punishment a judge gave Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday could amount to a life sentence for the ailing 67-year-old. A jury convicted the disgraced movie mogul of a felony sex act and third-degree rape last month. The charges stemmed from accusations by two of the more than 90 women who have said he assaulted them.

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