Sexual Abuse
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Marriage stories

Entertainment | Skip the latest feature-length divorce drama for something more pro-nuptial
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 12/13/19, 04:23 pm

Hollywood loves breakup and divorce movies, even if the average moviegoer doesn’t. Movies like Annie Hall and Kramer vs. Kramer—even Mrs. Doubtfire in its last 20 minutes—leave viewers with an indigestion-like feeling of unresolved discomfort while critics and awards-show voters applaud louder and louder. It’s as though making a movie that’s painful to watch represents some sort of career achievement level for actors, writers, and directors.

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A war on obscenity

Family | Advocates call on the Justice Department to tackle illegal online pornography
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 12/13/19, 04:07 pm

Lawmakers in Washington are pushing the U.S. Department of Justice to tackle the beast in the basement: hard-core online pornography. Last week, four Republican U.S. representatives sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General William Barr urging him to enforce dusty federal obscenity laws against the creators and distributors of graphic, violent, and deviant online pornography, an exploding and illegal industry.

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Enslaved brides

International | Anti-trafficking efforts falter as hundreds of Pakistanis are sold to China
by Julia A. Seymour
Posted 12/10/19, 04:59 pm

After an extensive investigation into the trafficking of Pakistani women as “brides” to China, the government of Pakistan has cracked down on investigators instead of traffickers.

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