Associated Press/Photo by Andrew Harnik

Globe Trot: Human catastrophe looms in Lake Chad Basin

International | Oil is a likely factor behind the violence
by Mindy Belz
Posted 9/23/16, 02:51 pm

NIGERIA: “We are in a catastrophe,” said a top humanitarian aid coordinator of the Lake Chad Basin, an area spanning four countries where Boko Haram violence has displaced 2.6 million people. The four heads of state are scheduled to attend a special summit on the crisis at the UN General Assembly today.

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Associated Press/Photo by Vadim Ghirda

Romania approaches marriage crossroads

Marriage | Court considers allowing same-sex marriage as lawmakers mull referendum
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 9/22/16, 12:54 pm

Romania’s Constitutional Court further delayed ruling on a petition to recognize same-sex marriage this week. The court previously postponed the decision from July to September and Tuesday rescheduled the ruling again for Oct. 27, asking the involved parties to appear once more for further discussion.

The delay comes as another separate initiative, a national referendum to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, makes it way through Romanian courts and the legislature.

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Ministering to the unmarried at home and abroad

by Christina Darnell
Posted 3/08/16, 12:10 pm

For Kim Jackson, staying single into her 50s wasn’t a “big holy decision.” She dated through her 20s, but never met the right person. 

“I had some pressure from friends and family for quite a while—now I’m so old, I guess they gave up,” said Jackson, now 58. 

The percentage of unmarried adults in America has been growing since the 1970s. Today, almost half of U.S. adults are either divorced, widowed, or never married. But much church activity revolves around couples and families. 

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