Religious Liberty
Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon

D.C. church wins right to gather

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/12/20, 04:58 pm

Members of Capitol Hill Baptist Church on Friday won the right to worship outdoors together, at least for now. Rain canceled their plans for Sunday, but the church said it plans to gather its congregants in the city the next weekend.

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Adoption agency shutdown halted

Religious Liberty | Court upholds right of Christian organization to follow its beliefs
by Steve West
Posted 10/12/20, 04:30 pm

New York told the Syracuse-based adoption agency New Hope Family Services it had to place children with same-sex couples or not place them at all. But a federal court stepped in last week, ruling the agency could continue to operate according to its Biblical beliefs, for now.

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Photo courtesy Bob Fu

Pressure campaign targets Chinese pastor in Texas

Persecution | A Chinese tycoon’s media blitz has forced leading Chinese Christian dissident Bob Fu into hiding
by Mindy Belz
Posted 10/08/20, 08:46 pm

Oct. 14 update

Protesters remained outside the Midland, Texas, home of Bob Fu 10 days after law enforcement placed Fu and his family in protective custody due to threats. The protesters carry signs claiming the founder of ChinaAid and pastor who once was forced out of China by its Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government is “a CCP spy.” They have refused to tell local media where they are from or whether they are being paid.

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