Religious Liberty
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Biden’s big engines that could

Politics | With close margins in Congress, the Biden administration may look to Cabinet heads to drive big changes apart from legislation
by Jamie Dean
Posted 12/30/20, 03:24 pm

Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., isn’t the highest ­profile name among ­President-elect Joe Biden’s new hires, but he might have one of the toughest jobs: Reach out to “people who didn’t vote for us.”

That’s a wide spectrum: The people who didn’t vote for Biden include a chunk of Donald Trump supporters who contested the presidential election into late 2020, but it also includes Republican congressmen and senators whom Democrats need in order to pass any major legislation in 2021.

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Associated Press/Photo by Patrick Semansky (file)

Some religious liberty wins in 2020

Religious Liberty | Despite challenges, a shift in the Supreme Court led to a stronger defense for houses of worship
by Steve West
Posted 12/29/20, 02:12 pm

Historians looking back at 2020 may key in on a culture upended by pandemic, racial protests, and a particularly fraught election. But a bevy of U.S. Supreme Court decisions strengthening religious liberty—for individuals, churches, and other institutions—could prove the more enduring seismic shift.

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Associated Press/Photo by Noah Berger (file)

Judge rules against California church again

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 12/22/20, 07:34 pm

The Supreme Court decision that restored freedom of worship to Brooklyn congregations does not apply to California’s COVID-19 restrictions, a federal judge ruled late Monday. U.S. District Judge Jesus G.

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