Religious Liberty
Associated Press/Photo by Susan Walsh

Supreme Court strikes down California indoor worship ban

Religious Liberty | Justice Neil Gorsuch chastises the state for infringing on religious liberty for so long
by Steve West
Posted 2/06/21, 05:02 pm

A divided Supreme Court late Friday set aside California’s COVID-19 restrictions banning indoor worship in most of the state. The decision brought to an end a rule that closed churches but allowed retail stores, hair salons, nail salons, and Hollywood studios to open.

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Liberty Counsel

Christmas display survives another year

First Amendment | Appeals court upholds Indiana courthouse Nativity display
by Steve West
Posted 2/05/21, 03:12 pm

Baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, shepherds, and wise men can keep their place on the courthouse lawn in Brownstown, Ind., after all. In a 2-1 decision on Tuesday, a federal appeals court sided with Jackson County and set aside a trial judge’s April 2020 order barring the county from including religious symbols in its annual Christmas display.

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Associated Press/Photo by Andrew Demillo (file)

Arkansas moves to protect worship during emergencies

Religious Liberty | Legislators take long-term lessons from pandemic lockdowns
by Steve West
Posted 2/01/21, 04:23 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic showed that governors have enormous power to rule by edict during wartime-like circumstances. After seeing restrictive lockdown orders in other states shutter churches, a group of Arkansas legislators enacted new legislation to prevent executive overreach.

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