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Experimenting on emotionally distressed children

Family | South Dakota pushes back against sex change treatment for minors
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 1/24/20, 04:11 pm

A South Dakota legislative committee approved a bill this week that would penalize medical professionals who prescribe hormone treatments or perform sex change surgeries for gender dysphoric children under age 16. Supporters of the measure argue the listed interventions are not healthcare but rather criminal acts against children too young to understand the long-term, irreversible effects.

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Associated Press/Photo by Young Kwak (file)

Not always a slam dunk

Education | Christian schools face uphill battles to field competitive sports teams
by Bob Brown
Posted 1/22/20, 07:11 pm

The seventh and eighth grade boys basketball team at Queensway Christian College in Toronto was “flat out terrible,” one former player recalled to The Toronto Star. Then he showed up, and the team began winning by 40 to 50 points.

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Alliance Defending Freedom

Leveling the praying field

Religious Liberty | Trump administration works to foster religious expression in education
by Steve West
Posted 1/21/20, 04:23 pm

Chase Windebank had to take his high school to court for the right to meet and pray with fellow students during a free period. But by the time the case was resolved, he had graduated from Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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