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A speech code for lawyers

First Amendment | Proposed rule seeks to silence conservative practitioners
by Steve West
Posted 9/29/20, 11:55 am

Despite the popular stereotype of lawyers as unnecessarily verbose, a rule proposed by the American Bar Association could discourage them from speaking at all.

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Associated Press/Photo by Joe Burbank (file)

A religion test for jurors?

Courts | The removal of a jury member for praying could result in a retrial
by Steve West
Posted 9/28/20, 05:23 pm

The defendant in a fraud case said a federal judge in Florida unfairly booted the one juror who thought she was innocent. In April 2017, a jury convicted former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., of federal tax and fraud charges. She received a sentence of five years in prison for allegedly spending money donated to her charity on personal expenses.

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Not forsaking assembly in D.C.

Religious Liberty | Prominent evangelical church challenges worship restrictions
by Steve West
Posted 9/25/20, 03:30 pm

Capitol Hill Baptist Church, a historic evangelical congregation in Washington, D.C., has met for services in a field outside another church in Northern Virginia since mid-June. Its leaders are willing to require masks and social distancing, but the District of Columbia’s coronavirus restrictions are too tight for the nearly 1,000 regular attendees to worship together, even outdoors. After D.C.

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