Associated Press/Photo by Aris Messinis (file)

Leaked documents detail Uighur persecution

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 11/18/19, 11:10 am

Chinese leader Xi Jinping ordered officials in the Xinjiang region of China to show “absolutely no mercy” in cracking down on Muslims, a new report revealed. The New York Times published hundreds of leaked documents contradicting China’s repeated denials that it imprisoned about 1 million Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslim minorities in reeducation camps in the region.

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Associated Press/Photo by Steven Senne

Mickey makes his move

Entertainment | Disney is taking over streaming, and here’s what families should know
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 11/15/19, 06:01 pm

The question “Are you going to get it?” dominated social conversations this week, with “it” referring to the new Disney Plus streaming service. The $6.99-a-month alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others puts Disney’s massive video library—which includes offerings from Fox, Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, Star Wars, and more—at users’ fingertips. The entertainment giant claims 10 million people signed up for the service on Tuesday, the first day it was available.

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Associated Press/Photo by Hadi Mizban

Iraq unrest persists

International | Protesters demand more than quick fixes
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 11/12/19, 05:26 pm

At least 12 protesters died over the weekend as Iraqi security forces continued to crack down on demonstrations. The unrest that began Oct. 1 shows no sign of abating as protesters call for an overhaul of Iraq’s political system and blame neighboring Iran for its role in the country’s plight.

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