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Carbon copy

Environment | Today’s greens follow an ancient religion that won’t save the world
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 10/14/19, 09:51 am

Two hours among the giant sequoias of Yosemite, drinking in reams of information from a National Park ranger, will redefine anyone’s interpretation of “a walk in the woods.” 

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An answer and a solution

Sports | How Clayton Kershaw will get over it
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/10/19, 03:51 pm

Clayton Kershaw Will Never Get Over It.” That’s what Deadspin headlined an article this morning by its deputy editor, Barry Petchesky. Kershaw, often called this decade’s greatest major league pitcher, enjoyed a two-run lead as he began the eighth inning of the winner-take-all game between his Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Nationals. Then: two pitches, two home runs. Soon, the Dodgers lost.

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Mai Chong Yang

Strangers no more

Religion | A custodian finds his calling to help three generations of Hmong in Minnesota 
by Sharon Dierberger
Posted 10/10/19, 01:39 pm

Evenings find Paul Leclair cleaning the university campus in his custodian job in Bloomington, Minn. But Leclair, age 55, has another vocation: reaching the Hmong for Jesus.

He’d never heard of the Hmong until 1996, when he spoke to a co-worker from a group of foreigners whose home country he couldn’t place. He’d noticed how diligently and quietly they worked, but how lively they acted together at lunch. Leclair bluntly asked, “Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here?”

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