Race Issues
Associated Press/Photo by Charlie Neibergall (file)

Back-to-school pandemic plans emerge

Education | Uncertainty remains the rule as school administrators weigh options for the fall
by Laura Edghill
Posted 7/15/20, 02:51 pm

Mid-July is usually a perfect time for school administrators and teachers to catch up on reading, take a family vacation, or polish mostly finished plans for the fall semester. But a normal summer break is another victim of COVID-19: Education officials nationwide are grappling with plummeting budgets, rapidly changing state and local health protocols, and uncertainty on just about every front. Meanwhile, the clock relentlessly counts down toward the start of the new school year.

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No more “Hail to the Redskins”

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 7/13/20, 12:14 pm

Despite years of saying he would never change the team’s name, increasing corporate pressure finally pushed majority owner Daniel Snyder to seek a new moniker for Washington, D.C.’s NFL franchise. The team announced on Monday it is dropping the 87-year-old name “Redskins” and the Indian head logo, which many saw as a slur against Native Americans.

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Congress’ failed attempt at police reform

Congress | Despite their differences, the House and Senate bills had common ground
by Sophia Lee
Posted 7/09/20, 09:24 am

While local leaders across the country made pledges to defund the police, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have resisted doing so. Even top Democrats such as former Vice President Joe Biden, Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Karen Bass, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have hesitated or outright said they don’t support defunding the police. 

But both Republicans and Democrats agree there’s a clear need for police reform. They just can’t agree on how to fix it, despite some overlap in legislation. 

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