Race Issues
Associated Press/Photo by John Robinson

Nelson Mandela's great accomplishment

South Africa
by D.C. Innes
Posted 12/09/13, 02:29 pm

When I was a university student in the early 1980s, it was common for liberals to demand economic sanctions against South Africa for its apartheid (apartness, segregation) regime and freedom for Nelson Mandela. It was just as common for conservatives to view apartheid as someone else’s problem at the other side of the world, and to dismiss Mandela as a terrorist justly condemned and safely confined.

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Associated Press/Photo by Paul Sancya

Talent, race, and ugly stereotypes in the NBA

by Barnabas Piper
Posted 11/01/13, 03:06 pm

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Midday Roundup: Protesting profiling at New York department stores

by Leigh Jones
Posted 10/30/13, 01:15 pm

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