Race Issues
Associated Press/Photo by Connor Radnovich/San Francisco Chronicle

Principal suppresses student election results for being too white

by Leslie Beggs
Posted 10/29/15, 11:25 am

After a middle-school student election earlier this month in San Francisco, Principal Lena Van Haren would not report the results because the ethnic breakdown of the winners did not match the school’s demographic ratio. “It’s not OK for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” Van Haren said.

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Getty Images/Photo by Matthew Staver/The Washington Post

Ryan Anderson on natural law

by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/13/15, 12:47 pm

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Associated Press/Photos by (Moore) J. Scott Applewhite and (Adams) Evan Vucci

Congressional Black Caucus stands by Planned Parenthood

by La Shawn Barber
Posted 9/30/15, 12:54 pm

A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood … (Proverbs 6:17).

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