Race Issues
Associated Press/Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez

Portland protests continue

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 7/27/20, 03:51 am

Authorities declared a riot in Portland, Ore., early on Sunday morning after protesters breached a fence surrounding the city’s federal courthouse building where deployed U.S. agents are holed up. Ahead of the declaration, thousands of demonstrators marched in the city chanting “Feds go home” and calling out the names of African Americans killed by police. On Friday night, at least six federal officers were injured after firing tear gas to clear out rowdy protesters.

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Associated Press/Photo by Timothy D. Easley

Armed protesters heighten tension in Kentucky

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 7/25/20, 10:13 pm

About 350 armed African American militia members marched in Louisville, Ky., on Saturday to protest how the city has handled the killing of Breonna Taylor. In March, police shot Taylor while serving a no-knock search warrant at her home. The city fired one officer involved in the shooting but has not charged any of the police involved them with a crime. Members of a far-right militia also held a counterprotest in downtown Louisville on Saturday.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jeffrey Phelps

How the other fifth lives

Books | The view from back row America
by Chris Arnade
Posted 7/25/20, 09:23 am

With gut-punching photographs and stories, Chris Arnade’s Dignity shows what life looks like from the “back row,” the benches of the unemployed and uneducated, the drugged and depressed, the homeless and hopeless. In this excerpt, courtesy of Penguin Random House, Arnade notes that “much of the back row of America, both white and black, is humiliated. The good jobs they could get straight out of high school and gave the stability of a lifelong career have left.

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