Word and flesh, at once

Faith & Inspiration | Neither takes precedence over the other
by Joel Belz
Posted 11/19/20, 02:07 pm

Editor’s note: As Joel Belz recovers from a broken hip, we’re republishing this column, which originally appeared on Dec. 20, 1997.

Heading toward Christmas, there’s no better time to remind ourselves there are two crucial parts to this thing we call a Biblical worldview: the talking part and the doing part.

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Megan Varner/Getty Images

Midnight trains to Georgia

Elections | The Peach State prepares for a political frenzy as a pair of January runoffs determine the balance of the Senate—and the shape of the presidency
by Jamie Dean
Posted 11/19/20, 12:12 pm

In early December, a singing Santa Claus is set to descend on the Vinings Jubilee outdoor mall in northern Atlanta to perform holiday tunes at a safe distance from masked shoppers.

Santa won’t be the only celebrity in town. 

Also sleighing in from the North: entrepreneur Andrew Yang. The 45-year-old ran against former Vice President Joe Biden in this year’s Democratic presidential primaries, where he grabbed attention for his proposal to send monthly checks to every American adult. 

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United States of division?

Books of the Year | Solutions for pushing back against polarization
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 11/19/20, 11:54 am

Understanding America 
Book of the Year

The United States is more polarized than at any time since the Civil War. The highly discussed book that best recognizes that—and proposes what to do—is David French’s Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How To Restore Our Nation. If Christian conservatives no longer fall into Trump and anti-Trump camps in 2021, it’s time to think through ways to forestall dissolution. Here are some questions and French’s answers.

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