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Associated Press/Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta

Democrats battle Republicans over fetal-tissue probe

Congress | Tempers flare during a House hearing investigating the harvesting of baby body parts from abortions
by Evan Wilt
Posted 3/02/16, 08:06 pm

WASHINGTON—The first hearing of the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives on Wednesday revealed a deep partisan divide between pro-abortion lawmakers claiming Congress has better things to do and pro-life House members concerned about the morality of an industry harvesting baby body parts from abortions.

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Facebook/Idaho Chooses Life

New state laws could close fetal tissue 'donation' loophole

by Courtney Crandell
Posted 2/25/16, 11:50 am

Idaho has joined two other states considering legislation to ban donations of aborted fetal tissue and close the donation-for-reimbursement loophole used by Planned Parenthood.

The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee voted along party lines Friday to introduce the Idaho Unborn Infants Dignity Act, which would criminalize donating fetal tissue from abortions. It also prohibits research centers from conducting experiments using aborted fetal tissue, a ban under consideration in three other states.

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Associated Press/Photo by Kevin Wang

Wisconsin defunds Planned Parenthood but likely faces legal challenge

by Bob Brown
Posted 2/19/16, 02:36 pm

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday signed two bills defunding Planned Parenthood, measures designed to eliminate a total of $8 million in taxpayer funds from reaching the abortion giant. But Wisconsin’s pro-life win might not last long. Hit with legal injunctions, most of the other eight states that have passed Planned Parenthood defunding  laws have been unable to enforce them.

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