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Associated Press/Photo by Jeff Roberson

Year in Review: Fighting for life

Abortion | 2019 brought more challenges but renewed hope to pro-lifers
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/30/19, 12:44 pm

Pro-life advocates saw both hopeful gains and discouraging setbacks this year in their efforts to fight for unborn babies and their mothers. Fewer women received surgical abortions nationwide, but the number of mothers taking the abortion pill continued to skyrocket. State lawmakers passed more sweeping pro-life legislation, but federal judges blocked those laws from taking effect.

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Photo courtesy of Bob Skovgard

Ectopic extremes?

Abortion | Pro-lifers say proposed Ohio law would not force doctors to do the impossible
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/09/19, 05:44 pm

Bob Skovgard plans to sing Christmas carols outside a Kettering, Ohio, abortion center this week like he has for nearly 25 years. But this year is different than others, he said, because Ohio finally passed a law protecting unborn babies with detectable heartbeats, even though a federal judge has temporarily blocked it.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jeff Chiu (file)

Scales of justice weighted against pro-lifers

Abortion | Lawyers for David Daleiden say they have plenty of grounds to appeal a verdict against him
by Mary Jackson
Posted 11/18/19, 04:24 pm

Lawyers say that obvious pro-abortion bias by the federal judge who oversaw the civil trial for David Daleiden and his colleagues gives them plenty of grounds for appeal. On Friday, a federal jury ruled that Daleiden, Sandra Merritt, and others associated with the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) must pay up to $2.3 million in damages to Planned Parenthood for secretly recording the abortion giant’s associates talking about harvesting and selling aborted baby parts.

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