Planned Parenthood
Kim Henderson

Keeping abortions out of Birmingham

Lifestyle | Pro-lifers seek to stall Planned Parenthood construction and build a hopeful, pro-life community
by Kim Henderson
Posted 12/26/18, 08:01 am

The undeveloped lot cornering Birmingham’s First Avenue North and I-65 is empty, save for fast-food wrappers, neglected grass, and a few “No Trespassing” signs.

From a nearby overpass, commuters eying the skyline of Alabama’s Magic City probably wouldn’t notice the lot, but they may soon if proposed construction materializes. Planned Parenthood Southeast has spent $430,600 to secure the spot with the intent to relocate its current Birmingham center to the downtown property.

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Associated Press/Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta

Report: Planned Parenthood mistreats pregnant staffers

by Les Sillars
Posted 12/21/18, 10:48 am

Planned Parenthood regularly discriminates against pregnant employees, according to a report Thursday in The New York Times. The paper quoted eight former staffers at the abortion giant’s local or regional organizations who claimed their employers often refused to make workplace accommodations and pressured workers to return early from maternity leave.

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Getty Images/Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press/LightRocket

Planned Parenthood wins on a technicality

Life | Supreme Court turned away funding case, but pro-lifers hold out for future victories
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 12/17/18, 03:38 pm

Pro-life advocates said last week’s Supreme Court decision not to take a case about Planned Parenthood funding disappointed them, but they still have hope that this group of justices will eventually move to protect unborn babies.

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