Associated Press/Photo by Kiichiro Sato

One man’s kindness spurs a city’s change of heart

Homelessness | After shutting down homeless ‘slumber parties’ at a suburban Chicago home, Illinois officials work to find new shelter space amid record-breaking cold
by Rob Holmes
Posted 1/11/18, 01:42 pm

City officials last week ordered an Elgin, Ill., man to stop using his home to host “slumber parties” for the homeless. But this week, the city wants Greg Schiller’s help to find new ways to fill gaps in services for the homeless.

Though his suburban Chicago home remains off-limits as a temporary shelter, Schiller said the city’s new attitude about how to house people on cold nights is “like an answered prayer,” according to WMAQ-TV in Chicago.

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Playing favorites

Philanthropy | A little research will help year-end giving
by Joel Belz
Posted 11/09/17, 12:12 pm

We all have our favorites. Whether we’re talking about restaurants, college football teams, preachers, vacation resort sites, math teachers, novels, hospitals, or classical music composers, it’s just human nature—when someone mentions a particular category—for the rest of us to respond by naming our top choices, preferences, or loyalties.

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One-wheeled wonders

Taiwan | For at-risk youth at a Taiwanese Christian boys home, unicycles are character-building vehicles
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/12/17, 05:42 pm

On a 100-degree summer afternoon, several giggly middle-school girls in New Taipei City, Taiwan, attempted to mount blue and yellow unicycles, gripping a metal pole in their school’s basketball court with one hand and their friends with the other. Repeatedly, the one-wheeler slipped out from beneath each girl as she lost balance and tried again.

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