Associated Press/Photo by Irum Asim (file)

Asia Bibi is free

International | The Pakistani Christian finally joins her family in Canada
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/08/19, 12:09 pm

CANADA: Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian held for eight years on death row on charges of blasphemy against Islam, has arrived in Canada, seven months after the charges against her were overturned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Bibi, who has been living in safe houses since the court’s decision, after Muslim mobs threatened to kill her, gained asylum—and under-the-radar passage—to Canada, where her children already reside.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ng Han Guan (file)

China’s extensive internal spy network

International | Report reveals monitoring in Xinjiang is more detailed than previously known
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/07/19, 02:43 pm

In a mass surveillance effort that tracks personal information and private behavior, Chinese officials are keeping tabs on whether residents in the far west region of Xinjiang socialize with their neighbors or use excessive electricity, Human Rights Watch revealed in a report last week.

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Military PCF/Alamy Stock Photo

A (May) day to remember

China | This year marks the 100th anniversary of a momentous student protest in Beijing.
by June Cheng
Posted 5/03/19, 10:54 am

A century ago, on May 4, 1919, thousands of Chinese students gathered in front of Beijing’s Tiananmen, the “Gate of Heavenly Peace,” to protest Western imperialism. They urged China to strengthen and modernize by embracing “Mr. Science” and “Mr. Democracy.” 

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