Associated Press/Photo by Anjum Naveed

Pakistan cracks down on militants

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 3/06/19, 11:28 am

Pakistani authorities on Tuesday said they detained 44 suspected Islamic militants, including relatives of the insurgent leader involved in a deadly bombing in the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir last month. The Interior Ministry in a statement said it decided “to speed up action against all proscribed organizations.”

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Associated Press/Photo by B.K. Bangash

Pakistan promises to return Indian pilot

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 2/28/19, 10:49 am

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said he will return a captured Indian pilot as a “peace gesture” in an attempt to dispel ongoing tensions with his country’s neighbor. During a parliamentary address, Khan said he will release the pilot, identified as Abhinandan Varthaman, on Friday. Pakistan closed its airspace to all commercial flights on Wednesday after shooting down two Indian jets. India also reported shooting down a Pakistani warplane and carrying out a pre-dawn airstrike on a terrorist training camp in Pakistani territory the day before.

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Associated Press/Photo by Hillary Levin/St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Global influence in the United Methodist Church

International | Plus, from Kew Gardens to Kashmir, it’s hot all over
by Mindy Belz
Posted 2/27/19, 11:32 am

AFRICA: United Methodists meeting in St. Louis on Tuesday reaffirmed the denomination’s teaching on sexual ethics, rejecting plans that would permit same-sex marriages and clergy to be sexually active outside of monogamous, heterosexual marriages.

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