Olasky Short Stories

Could have been worse

Voices | Growing up poor and pretty
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 2/22/18, 10:28 pm

Eleventh in a once-a-quarter series of short short stories. Read previous stories at wng.org/shortstories.

Esperanza grew up poor, without a dad but with a chessboard. All the other chess nerds in high school wanted to sleep with her. She told them that anyone who checkmated her king could also checkmate her. She knew no one ever would.

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Khan unchained

Voices | Revelations on the broken road
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 12/05/17, 09:45 pm

Tenth in a once-a-quarter series of short short stories.

Pastor Mark Kahn’s twin brother Mike Khan, during his two years at the University of Texas, was one of the few who still read Lenin. His favorite line: “If you are not inclined to crawl in the mud on your belly, you are not a revolutionary but a chatterbox.” Everyone was a snake, so might as well be a snake for justice.

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Kahn and Khan

Voices | Two brothers, two winding paths
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/10/17, 11:49 pm

Ninth in a once-a-quarter series of short short stories. (For story No. 8, please see wng.org/branching_out.)

Mark Kahn and Mike Khan were twins as unlike as could be. Mark Kahn protected his dog Chipper and her two tiny puppies. One day Mike tripped over a bag of dog food and threw the puppies against a wall, bashing out their brains.

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