Ontario deals blow to physicians’ religious freedom

Abortion | Court rules doctors who object to abortion or euthanasia must refer patients
by Andrew Shaughnessy
Posted 2/05/18, 03:20 pm

Physicians in Ontario who object to performing abortions or euthanasia on moral or religious grounds must refer patients who request those procedures to another willing doctor, the Ontario Superior Court ruled last week.

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Associated Press/Photo by Hani Mohammed

Saudi blockade turns Yemeni crisis into a disaster

International | Country’s famine now ranked worst in the world as 7 million people face risk of starvation
by Mindy Belz
Posted 11/17/17, 11:49 am

YEMEN: Saudi Arabia has only partially lifted a blockade that closed most of Yemen’s air, land, and sea ports this week—and has made an already catastrophic humanitarian crisis unimaginably worse. Streets in the capital, Sanaa, are empty due to fuel shortages, and government workers already have gone 14 months without salaries.

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Associated Press/RTL

Dutch police detain second suspect over attack threat

by Lynde Langdon & Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/24/17, 10:38 am

UPDATE: Dutch police investigating a planned terror attack at an American rock band’s concert in Rotterdam have arrested another suspect after revealing the first person arrested Wednesday had no link to the threat. Police arrested the 22-year-old man in the Netherlands province of Brabant, south of Rotterdam, where the Allah-Las band planned to perform.

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