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Movie | What does critical acclaim for Parasite tell us about American culture?
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 2/27/20, 04:19 pm

Parasite received a huge box-office boost when it won the best picture Oscar on Feb. 9. It even received a one-week engagement in 214 IMAX theaters starting Feb. 21. And that’s too bad, because anyone who knows basic Marxism could predict its plot: Poor liars-for-justice outwit the bourgeoisie, who are either dumb or evil, until scorn from the rich and dissension among the proletariat bring destruction and death. 

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What lifts the Burden in new historical drama about racism?

by Bob Brown
Posted 2/27/20, 04:08 pm

It’s not a pretty sight: “Redneck KKK Museum” spelled out in big letters across a marquee. The year is 1996, and the Klan of Laurens, S.C., has refurbished a theater to display its pointed hoods, lynching photos, and other hateful memorabilia. The scene opens Burden, a new film based on an actual confrontation between a Klansman and a pastor. 

The gritty film landed a major prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival but has trouble pinpointing the real source of redemption. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Seth Wenig

Weinstein guilty on some counts

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 2/24/20, 12:39 pm

A jury convicted Harvey Weinstein of a felony sex act and third-degree rape on Monday in New York. He was found not guilty of predatory sexual assault, the most serious charge against him. The charges stemmed from accusations of sexual assault by two of the dozens of women who say he violated them in recent decades. Many of the claims against him happened too long ago to prosecute.

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