Documentary | The only agenda in this documentary is to craft a compelling narrative
by Alicia M. Cohn
Posted 4/20/12, 04:29 am

Chimpanzee is the most simple form of nature documentary: one without any agenda but to craft a compelling narrative.

Following a formula that Disney has branded Disneynature, the family-friendly film company pieced together some awesome footage from West Africa, filmed over the course of four years, and used narration and effects such as slow motion and ultra close-ups to set the tone of a story arc.

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Roberts (left) and Collins (Universal Pictures)

Bad reflection

Movie | <em>Mirror Mirror</em>'s vain attempt at humor diminishes a classic tale, despite several stellar performances
by Michael Leaser
Posted 3/29/12, 05:00 pm

Infusing fairy tales with copious amounts of comedy can enliven and enrich a story, as The Princess Bride so deftly demonstrated. Then again, comedy employed for cheap, quick laughs can be tedious, if not torturous, as in the disastrous Ella Enchanted. Sadly, Mirror Mirror, which will be released Friday, falls closer to the latter end of the comedic fairy-tale spectrum, despite some game and delightful performances.

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Pyro Pictures


Documentary | Kirk Cameron's documentary traces the footsteps of the pilgrims
by Megan Basham
Posted 3/26/12, 05:21 am

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